LIFE Class 2018, Macomb

        Claude Monet: Impression -----------------   From "light and color" to a clean and textured style. Music from Debussy, Faure and  Satie...Read More

Shadows of the past

DAS KHM in Wien [gallery link="file" ids="8472,8457,8456,8459,8467,8461,8462,8463,8464,8465,8468,8466,8470,8469,8458"]

S.V. – good and bad

Martha auf der rechten Seite - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Und Maria Magdalena, leicht von oben herab. Auch im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Martha...Read More

Summer evenings

On hot days the water fountain in front of the Russian memorial at Schwarzenbergplatz brings relief from the summer heat and therefore is liked by...Read More

A quiet place

   Die Kapelle neben Maria Grün im Prater. The little chapel next to Maria Gruen, a small historic church in the Prater [gallery link="file" ids="8304,8300,8302,8299,8298,8303,8301"]

Have a break

CAFE ANSARI, 2nd district. Great menu! [gallery link="file" ids="8176,8175,8174"]