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Parade in the Midwest

Smiles Parade in Rushville, Illinois title: changing the world [gallery link="file" ids="9291,9294,9293,9303,9292,9295,9297,9298,9296,9299,9300,9301,9310,9308,9314,9309,9304,9305,9316,9311,9315,9312,9313,9306"]

LIFE Class 2018, Macomb

        Claude Monet: Impression -----------------   From "light and color" to a clean and textured style. Music from Debussy, Faure and  Satie...Read More

L.I.F.E Class 2017

VIENNA:MUSICAL CROSSROADS East/West, North/South L.I.F.E Class Marietta Dean/Anna Wagner February 2017 In two class sessions, we will listen to music from the famously musical city of...Read More


„Fotografieren ist malen mit Licht" - hat man mich in der Fotoschule gelehrt. Die Rückwand eines Gebäudes in Macomb. Viel Male bin ich da vorbeigefahren, ein...Read More