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Surprise in the Midwest

    During one of my visits to the Midwest, friends invited me to join them on a day trip to a small town. After a two hour drive, we parked our car by the square in front of an old brick building with a sign saying“family diner” .

    After lunch my friends suggested doing some shopping. Actually there were only two shops in the square, one of them being an antique shop, where my friends spent quite some time.

    After a while I left to take photos of this charming town. I decided to walk around the square, explore the area and soak up the atmosphere.

    In front of one of the brick buildings on the other side of the square, a small TV from the 1950s sat right on the sidewalk in front of a shop. All I could see from my spot was: “Furniture”, written in big letters on the shop window.
    Curious, I crossed the square to get a better look. 

    The nearer I got the more surprised I was by what was revealed.

    Abingdon, IL
    Abingdon, IL

    In the shop window two skeletons, elegantly dressed in an old fashioned way, were sitting on a box . It took me a while to notice, that a baby skeleton was sitting in the lap of one of them.
    In the midst of nowhere: a shop window with two skeletons with their skeleton baby, an old tv on the sidewalk and empty streets.
    It was fascinating in a strange way.

    A former furniture shop, now abandoned, the shop window artistically decorated?
    The skeletons, as well, could have been remains nobody had been interested in buying. But then, skeletons and furniture is an unusual combination.

    On one of these trips I asked a friend, what would happen to all these abandoned buildings. Shrugging her shoulders she said: “People are just waiting for their buildings to fall apart, because it costs less money than tearing them down”.

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