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The story of J.B.L

J.B.L (1632-1687)

Who’s that? Probably some nobility from ancient ages, portrayed by a famous artist and whose picture now hangs in a museum. Somewhere.

How about this though?

Originally from Italy, his parents were peasants. A guy from France on his way back from some war (a popular thing obviously throughout the ages), took the little boy (with permission of his parents) to France, as a Lady wanted to study Italian with a native speaker.

From then on, G.B.L. became French: J.B.L.

Probably while playing with children, he got to know the later King Louis XIV. Befriended him and ended up as a composer and musician at the court.

As he was probably gay, he was therefore removed from his post by some “Madmoiselle”.

When the king got sick, but miraculously recovered, J.B.L. took the chance and composed a “Te Deum”, to somehow say: “I am still here”. He conducted his work as was commonly done back then by banging on the ground in the rhythm of the musical piece. Unfortunately, though, J.B.L. hurt his foot while doing this and died from blood poisoning.

End of the story.

Like it? Did it make you curious? Then of course you can read more about how he reformed opera, etc. Could be interesting. Although you certainly could simply smile, enjoy the story and listen to his music as well.

J.B.L. won’t mind.


G.B.L. – Giovanni Battista Lulli
J.B.L. – Jean-Baptiste Lully


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