Summer evenings

On hot days the water fountain in front of the Russian memorial at Schwarzenbergplatz brings relief from the summer heat and therefore is liked by tourists as well as Viennese citizens. Unfortunately more than half of the square is a paved area only with nothing on it. All one can do is cross it as quickly as possible. A bad decision indeed when the square was renovated years ago.
Adjacent to it is St. Charles, a beautiful Baroque church with a pond in front of it. It is a lively area with a nice atmosphere and surprisingly calm in the evenings, unless there is some kind of event like Open Air Cinema in summer.

Der Springbrunnen vor dem Russen Denkmal am Schwarzenbergplatz. Ein beliebter, weil Kühle spendender Ort im Sommer. Der Platz dort ist allerdings beschränkt, weil es die Stadt geschafft hat  den halben Platz im Zuge einer Renovierung zuzubetonieren.
Der Platz vor der Karlskirche – sehr beliebt und meistens überraschend ruhig. Sehr schön kurz nach Sonnenuntergang.

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