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Schoenbrunn and the inner district during Lockdown Nr.4

    Visiting the inner district, I realized that there were lots of police in the entire area, roadblocks were placed on sidewalks, ready to be put in place if necessary. I assumed that one of the usual Saturday demonstrations was about to take place soon, so instead I took the side streets for my walk. 

    Approaching St. Stephens Cathedral I heard people shouting slogans by megaphone. Having no interest in this area, I went instead to a very nice area where the Synagogue is located. The small street was blocked on each side by police cars. I could pass, so I imagined that the demonstration had not started yet. I thought it would be best to leave and get out of the inner district.

    It had been snowing throughout the entire night and in the morning a blanket of snow covered everything outside.
    It stopped snowing in the morning, the sun came out and it was time to take a walk in the park of Schoenbrunn’s Palace.
    The snow plough had cleaned only the main paths in the park, leaving everything else untouched, which made the area look like a winter wonderland. Children in colorful snow suits were building snowmen, laughing and enjoying the beautiful winter day.
    Footprints formed a pattern in the snow and people, walking off the cleared paths enjoyed the beautiful day as well.


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