I AM an artwork !

The Public Art Walk.
75 people walking the landscape at somebody else’s command and given rules like pace and distance from each other, thus forming an artwork with a second group joining them halfway.  The event was supposed to boost tourism by means of this artwork.There were discussions afterwards among the participants about whether or not to make one’s own decisions versus fitting into the given pattern.

This is fantasy of course: A woman stood up and said: This is insane. Why should I follow somebody’s rules and be transferred into part of the landscape or  – even worse – become part of somebody else’s artwork? I AM an artwork – if you want to call it that – and I certainly don’t need your “artwork” to become one.
Silence. Another troublemaker .
(Of course nobody wanted to hear that.)

This production had been a huge success, newspapers had covered it and it was good for tourism as well. Plus – people thought it was fun. Next time they sure would do it even better. After all they had practiced obeying somebody’s command was the precondition of forming a decent pattern.
In the end they all had contributed to the financial welfare of the community and an artist had gratefully helped them do so.


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