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Der erste Schnee und Covid-19

The beginning of December 2020 brought a pleasant surprise. At least to those who enjoy snowfall in Vienna.
At the baroque Volksgarten, children enjoyed having snowball fights and adults with cameras tried to capture the beauty of this wintry morning.
A joyful picture during the second lockdown due to Covid-19.

On the opposite side of the boulevard, construction workers were about to tear down shabby, wooden huts in front of the City Hall square. Having been set up for the Christmas market, they were useless now, as Covid 19 had put an end to this event as well.

In the courtyard of the “Museum quarter”, a melancholic, yet beautiful atmosphere welcomes the visitor.
Snow covered stools and tables are orderly stacked as if waiting for guests to arrive. Guests, who won’t come, as all restaurants are closed due to Covid 19. Little Christmas trees, tastefully decorated are colorful spots in the almost empty courtyard.
Even if not open to the public due to the pandemic, the gorgeous museums inside the quarter provide a positive atmosphere.

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