Bad luck – and now I am dead.

Looking down from heaven – just wanted to let you know, that I am dead by now – everything looks different. Small, belittled. Looking down on what?

On beautiful, merry Vienna a few days before changing of the year 2014/2015. Unfortunately I was lying in an elevator back then in a subway station due to a heart attack. Bad luck I guess. Security cameras? Of course, but the staff on duty had skipped the mandatory check. Bad luck and dying prolonged therefore. Passengers? Of course, but they either ignored me or stepped over me,lying there. For long 5 hours. Probably they didn’t like what they saw, I was homeless – unfortunately.

Anyway, finally a janitor set off the alarm and I was transferred to a hospital. But before arriving there I had died already.

Looking down on pretty, merry Vienna back then , makes me angry . Of course, you are not supposed to have these retaliatory feelings in heaven, I know. But I would rather risk going to purgatory and suffer there for my bad and non-forgiving thoughts, as in purgatory there still is hope. Contrary to the elevator, where I was nothing but an annoyance to passers by. Like trash.

The event occurred on December 28 in Vienna. The two staff members, who had skipped the mandatory check were laid off. Investigation is under way,whether people in the elevator can be identified and charged for not helping.

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