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My professional photographical career started in my mid-fifties. After 4 semesters at a private photo school in Vienna I earned a diploma and very soon got connected with a gallery in Vienna.

The gallery is located at the former house of Frederic Morton, a Jewish Austrian citizen, who had to flee the Nazi regime in 1939. He then moved to the United States, where he lived ’til his death in 2015. He was the author of many books and came back to Austria every year not only for lectures, but also to visit the gallery at his former home, in which  his father’s metal factory was located as well.

After exhibiting my early photographical works, ordinary dolls telling stories about human life, I worked together with the gallery on several multimedia projects, combining photos, beamed on a wall with live piano music.

For the Project “Fleeing Hitler” I was allowed to photograph metal remnants from the former Morton factory.  I combined these photos with photographs my dad had brought home from WWII in Russia, where he had served in the “German Wehrmacht” ( the German Army).
The musical component of this show was piano music by Ruth Schonthal, a composer, who – after having been forced out of Europe as well – lived in the United States till her death in 2006.

During Frederic Morton’s visit in 2010 the gallery organized a private show for him.
“Fleeing Hitler” was also the program of a LIFE class with Marietta Dean a few years later.

It soon turned out that Documentary Photography was the photographical genre which interested me the most.

Projects shown at the gallery:

“Facets of Vienna” 

“Women. Fantasies”, with live music from R. Schumann and Ruth Schonthal
 “Digital Life”.

With “Danielmuehle”, a cultural center north of Vienna,I collaborated on a photographical project with piano playing.
In 2016 the “Quo Vadis”, a gallery in Vienna, presented my “Schubert- who?” project, which later became part of a LIFE class with Marietta Dean as well.                                  ————————-

In the US
the  “Inselhaus” in Macomb was the first to show some of my photos from Vienna.
Exhibition “Discovering Macomb” at the Macomb Arts Center” in 2019


Nikon DSRL Cameras
Fuji X100, X Pro1
I only use prime lenses and prefer natural light.
In 2021 I replaced the Fuji X Pro1 by the Fuji X Pro3 and sold my Nikon gear.