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Kleine Orte im Mittleren Westen. Touristen fahren da höchstens durch. Man spürt noch den Charme and das Leben vergangener Zeiten. Jetzt aber wirken viele dieser Orte verlassen und Fragen nach der Zukunft „dieses Amerikas” tauchen auf. Die Menschen dort sind aufeinander angewiesen – “Gemeinschaft”, dieses Wort hat hier seine Bedeutung.
Die Menschen sind unendlich freundlich, sie tun ihr Bestes.

I have the privilege that each time I am in Macomb a friend takes me to small towns in the area. And as she grew up here she is the best guide I can imagine.

Over the years one could notice the changes these little towns go through. They are still charming and one can imagine the liveliness of times long ago. Nowadays they are struggling, but do their best to keep up with the needs of people who live there.
Asking my friend, what she thinks will happen to the abandoned buildings, she answered: “Nothing. Either there fall apart or will be torn down”. Of course times change, but there are still people left, who have to go through this period of change. And Silicon Valley and all its excitement is far away.