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Proofreading by Rebecca Colton

The idea of what to post on my blog pops up spontaneously, it may be about an exhibition I am attending or moments of street life.

The English language is a natural choice for a post about the “Midwest”
and usually goes together with being “on location” as well.
Living in an all English speaking environment – even only for a while – is a huge benefit when it comes to improving “second language skills”.

After having put together the first English draft for a new post, I am ready to go through it during my online chats with Rebecca Colton

Reviewing the first version together is a delightful journey. When it comes  to sentences or words, which don’t “feel“ right to me, hints from Rebecca Colton are a fun way for me to develop a sense of “how to put things in correct English”. In many cases it is fundamentally different from the way the same content would be put on paper in German. Covering all kinds of topics is adventurous too. 


After all, learning should be fun and it certainly is in this case.