The suitcase was packed, the house tidied up, I was ready to drive to O’Hare airport the next morning to return my rental car.
As the rental office had been relocated to another place, I would have to take a new route as well.
I hoped to not lose my way, but at the same time I knew I would be ok.
Even without GPS installed in the car, I knew I could rely on my cell phone in case I got lost.


Approaching the exit to the airport, the highway split into two parts, separated by barriers due to construction work. Lots of red arrows and exit numbers distracted me and did not give me much time to adjust as everybody was speeding (and so was I).
And so it turned out that I missed the exit to the airport.
I took the next exit, which was a necessity, pulled into the first parking lot, looked up directions to the airport on my cellphone. 

Lucky me, all I had to do was go straight ahead. At the airport I concentrated on all the turns and signs and reached the rental car office without any problems.
And all the way to the airport I applauded myself for doing a great job:-)

The guy who checked in the car asked me whether it had been difficult to find the rental car office. I said : “No, the signs at the airport are good”. He was glad to hear that, because many customers had complained that the rental car office had been hard to find and hey had lost their way at the airport. Not a pleasant thought when it comes to this huge area.

Any similarities to mountain biking?

Anxiety is ok, as long as it triggers thoughts about how to handle situations. Technically and mentally.
And once you decide to go for it, you will be fine if you do one thing at a time:-)

What is best though is, to enjoy what one does. That’s the way to learn.