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Eine 100-jährige durchquert England 🙌


A British newspaper had an article about a 100 year – old woman riding her stationery bike in a corner of her home.

A niece of hers, aged 75, wanted her aunt to stay fit and therefore gave her a stationery bike as a gift. A good idea, but deep in her heart the niece was afraid that the bike would end up sitting in a corner, her aunt just passing it by and never using it.

After a few days of brainstorming she knew what to do:
She hung a map of Great Britain on the wall opposite the stationary bike, drew a line on it from the Scottish border to the Southern coastline and added marks to it every 50 miles. This way her aunt could see how far each bike ride had gotten her on the 402 mile journey to the Southern coast.

After some time her aunt had happily finished the cross country ride on her stationary bike.

The story also reported, that the aunt had “hiked to the top of Mount Everest” the same way she had crossed England, only this time by climbing stairs in her house.