Avoiding risks will prevent further development of your mental and physical abilities.
First and most importantly you have to practice the necessary technical skills based on your mental and physical capabilities.

By doing so you not only learn your limits, but at the same time can analyze the risks of what you are doing now or in the future.
Then you will be able to jump off cliffs as I do, or simply walk away, because you know when something is too dangerous for you.

“PROMOTING ACTIVE AGEING”a great website by Alex Rotas

…even the smallest steps are important fin pursuit of a certain goal, as they will make you grow.

I am afraid of heights and therefore I only concentrate on what I have control over: safety measures and my technique.
By doing so and blocking out all the bad things which could happen, my brain responds with positive reinforcement.

Excerpts from interviews in the “Red Bull Bulletin” magazine

For my first lesson I met my coach at a parking lot. Eva made me do some basic tasks like standing up while riding or cycling arches marked by cones, to get an idea of how comfortable I felt on a bicycle.

Preferring to ride off roads, I was happy to hear that for the upcoming lessons we would meet at the Vienna forest in Bad Voeslau, a small town south of Vienna.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the basic technical skills such as how to brake correctly and how to ride “stop-and-go” with feet on the pedals all the time.
Cornering was a challenge, especially on terrain covered with roots.
I was lucky to find a recreational area not far from my home, where I could practice all these skills.

Progress came in small steps but continuously and after a while I thought of an idea: to give myself a present for my 70th birthday.
I wanted to ride a trail and and be able to enjoy it.

An American friend, who started making sculptures in her 60’s once said to me:
“I just wanted to know how far I could go”.
When I met her she was already in her 80’s.