A nice gesture

After a 4-week break from mountain biking, caused by restrictions from Covid- 19, I am back at the Vienna Forest to practice basic techniques again.
I begin by practicing lifting the front wheel, which is essential for getting over obstacles like roots or rocks. All I need is a log as an obstacle.

In the undergrowth next to a hiking path I find an appropriately sized one and place it right into the middle of the hiking path.

Ready for my first attempt, I see two hikers coming in my direction. Not willing to practice with spectators watching me, I wait next to a bench to let them pass.
Coming closer, they see me waiting and say hello. One of them says: “You know, a little further up “ – pointing to the spot, where I had placed my log – “ somebody placed a limb right in the middle of the path. Must have been somebody, who really hates cyclists. I threw it off the path.” He seems to be proud of his good deed and smiles.

I smile at him too. “Thank you” I respond. “that was very kind of you. One might have crashed, when hitting the log”.
They continue hiking, I turn, walk down the path, look for the limb and place it again in the middle of the path.

Then – with no wanderers in sight – I make my first attempt and  get over the obstacle without a problem.
What a nice day for hikers and cyclists.