Yppenplatz, December 2013

Ein kleiner Adventmarkt mit hübschen Sachen und der Caritas Punschstand am Yppenplatz,1160 Wien. Ein bisschen anders als die grossen Plätze im Advent – sehr gemütlich !! Den kleinen Adventmarkt gibts nur noch morgen.

Yppenplatz at the 16th district of Vienna. A very nice, rather small square next to the Brunnenmarkt, with several small bars, restaurants and coffee houses. During my visit a choir was practicing for a concert, adding a special touch to the little  square with the Christmas market and the  punch stall of the Caritas , a big and important charity organization. Nice atmosphere, quiet and lovely.
The little Christmas Market will be open only at this weekend.
And especially for my American friends. Yes, it IS drinking for charity. As punch is an Alcoholic beverage.

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