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The area around the Belvedere

    Guertel is a main road in Vienna which separates the inner districts(1- 9) from the outskirts of town.
    At the beginning of the 20th century, the city of Vienna built many apartment blocks for the working class in this area. These apartment buildings were a huge improvement over the miserable housing conditions back then. Designed by the best architects of the time, these buildings are still regarded as treasured architectural gems.
    Traffic on this road is heavy, at least during rush hour, thus diminishing people’s quality of life in this area.

    On the edge of the 3rd District, also along the Guertel, the “Belvedere”, Prince Eugene’s winter palace, cannot be missed. Surrounded by beautiful baroque gardens, it is an historically important place, because in this palace the Austrian independence treaty was signed  in 1955.

    On the opposite side of the main road, a new area with contemporary architecture represents a stark contrast to the baroque elegance of the Belvedere on the other side of the road.
    A remnant of the former railroad station is now surrounded by huge skyscrapers. They all look pretty much the same with their walls of glass.
    Mostly hotels and office buildings, many of them are empty now due to the lack of tourists and the increase of people working from home due to Covid 19.

    On hot summer days, people will certainly treasure the beautiful gardens on the opposite side of the street, as they can’t  find any green in this new area.

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