DSC_0529-EditOf course there are rules. Only a few important ones though – this way making it easy for you to remember them.10 would suffice. WE know all the other ones – thousands of them- and certainly will provide you with help to find out how else you could feel guilty.
But no worry – feeling guilty is the first step you have to take.Very important. BUT: we will always forgive you. Well, not directly we ourselves, but we are given the power doing so.
Criticism from your side is so necessary. How on earth would we on the throne ( on whatever level it might be) have any feedback about our own guilt?Facebook, Twitter, websites, forums – all yours for your input.

GREAT. Acting up ( the ones on top) again, people flocked to digital canals and lots of input came in. Not always nice of course. Nobody is perfect anyway:-)

EVEN GREATER: There was a response. After a while.
“You know – we have a 2000 years tradition in handling things like that. Always worked . Help from above .Yes – too.
But WE worked hard as well to cope with criticism – for centuries”

Welcome criticism – first step.
Then wait.
Then respond:
“We certainly do understand your concerns. BUT: rule # so and so – forgot that? Never heard of this rule? Then back to the above: WE know ALL the rules and will help you out of your misery of not quite understanding.

So: YOU didn’t abide to rule # so and so ¬†– nice strategy indeed:-)
And as you already know: First feel guilty – we will tell you that loud and clear to help you find your (our) way again.
Then we will forgive you and all is solved. And we can throw in a few consolation lines if necessary.
Always worked.

Age of reason was a slight setback only – don’t worry.


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