Ottakring, the 16th district of Vienna

Exploring the 16th district of Vienna in search of a former Jewish House of Prayers, I strolled along Neulerchenfelderstrasse. What I found instead was:
A pharmacy named after the pope (yes, the head of the Catholic church) amidst mostly Turkish shops loaded with beautiful fabrics and lots of home furnishings.
People in the shops were very nice and helpful although reluctant when it came to being photographed for various reasons. One was that a photo taken of them once had been published in a newspaper together with a story which was not theirs at all.
Some spots with shops closed and abandoned. But not many. A newly opened Viennese-style coffee house, though, and a bakery you could probably find anywhere else in Vienna.
A butchery with blacks only, a Baroque church, which the Catholic church had given away to the Serb – Orthodox community recently.
All kinds of languages spoken.
No international chains for clothing, but there are plenty of shopping malls in Vienna anyway.

2 posters are displayed permanently at “Club International”, Payergasse 14, 1160 in Vienna.

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