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Exhibition “American Photography” at Albertina, Vienna

An exhibit at Albertina, a great museum in Vienna’s inner district, is showing photographs from various American photographers.
Spanning from the 1940’s to 2000, the photos depict scenes of American life in the big cities as well as the countryside.

Among the majority of colored images, a few black and white ones caught my attention.
Taken in the 1940’s, the photos depict moments from clubs, opera houses and cafes in a strikingly beautiful way.
The female photographer, Lisette Model, had been totally unknown to me till that very moment.
A few days later, her name had already slipped my mind, I passed a little park in Vienna’s 8th district. The sign next to it said: Lisette Model Park.

Looking up more information on the internet, I learned that her Jewish heritage had made her life difficult and dangerous from the moment the Nazis seized power in Austria.
Out of necessity she left her home country and emigrated to the USA like so many other Austrian artists.

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