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Das KHM – open to the public again

    … Und alles ist ein bisschen anders als noch vor 2 Monaten.

     Antonio Canovas (1757-1822)

    Theseus besiegt den Zentauren
    Die Überwindung animalischer Natur durch menschliche Vernunft.

    „Schön, dass Sie wieder da sind” gibt es zur Begrüssung. Masken sind für Besucher verpflichtend, die Angestellten tragen Plastik -Visiere.

    Ein kulturelles Juwel ist wieder zugänglich. Eine Wohltat nach langer, Corona bedingter Absenz.

    May 20th was the day when the lockdown, implemented due to Covid -19, ended for all museums. The KHM, world famous and beautiful, was flooded with many people on this very special day. The staff at the entrance, faces protected by plastic shields, greeted people, all wearing mandatory masks inside, with a “Glad to have you back” and a nice smile.

    In the past, going to the museum had always been an option, an opportunity one may have taken or not. Visiting or not was nothing but a personal decision. The  lockdown left only one option: stay at home and  adjust to the “new normal”. 
    And it was only on this first visit, that it became crystal clear how much one had missed out on during this shut down.

    As usual, the real value of things unveils itself only after they have been taken away. In this case – luckily enough, only for a while.

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