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A fascinating encounter at the KHM

    With the Titian exhibit still going on, there is less room available for displaying all the other paintings of the KHM. Visitors are still able to look at a significant number of them, carefully chosen by curators. Passing one of Vermeer’s famous paintings, I stopped. Contrary to its previous display, it was hung  together with a smaller painting  to the left of it.

    Looking at the two paintings, I stood next to an upholstered sofa, where a young man was sitting, focusing on the Vermeer painting. As I wanted to photograph it, I turned to him, saying: “Sorry to be in your way, but I’d like to photograph the Vermeer painting”. He smiled at me, asking:” Do you like it?” 

    “Well, it is not my all-time favorite”, I replied, but explained to him what I thought was so outstanding in this painting.
    “I consider the lines and the quality of light to be amazing”. His answer simply was: “Never thought about that”.
    He followed by saying: “I just analyze what the man in the Vermeer picture is painting.” Which I had never paid attention to. He then pointed out to me an interesting detail about the background in the painting, a map of the Netherlands. Something which I had never noticed as well.

    A good reminder of the broad interpretation of art.  

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