littlemozartOF COURSE THERE WAS AN EMPEROR – back then. Almost invisible though to the public, well to the “normal” people, as he reigned a big house and could not be everywhere after all. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert – all    of them resting on his shoulders. Carrying them safely through rough times.

And of course there was a court as well. Little kings and queens ( only if absolutely necessary of course ) and servants making their lives bearable. Music would belittle those who deserved it, anyway, which  was – sadly enough –  not the point though as they were mighty. Mighty due to a certain title, which would give them special rights nobody else had. And a halo for free.
There were exceptions. Great musicians, who did not care. And they made the whole difference as music is stronger than everything else. And will always be.

Making a mistake – be it in class or on stage – was not really an option, at least not a good one. More like criticizing a dictator in public or even worse, doubting him as a teacher, putting a strain on his immaculate reputation. After all he WAS the best ( in whatever he thought ) and he would not be worth anything less than the very best.
Students would either leave ( the quick ones ) or suffer while developing a strategy in order to not be inflicted too much ( the very strong ones ). Of course they would not believe that it was only for their best to get prepared that way for the bad world outside. The ones who only suffered without fighting back were ruined. And of course it was their fault. Just not good enough.

Sorry enough even the elite had to leave earth one day. Not without the reassurance from the University that they had been special indeed. As obituaries were written and displayed for significant people only. For those considered to be above all other ones – by law. That way not a single member of the slave group ever made it to an obituary. Which is fine as it tells everything.
Kings and Queens – even witches . Fairy tales.

Sometimes retirement solved the problem. And in rare cases the teacher passed away. Who knows if they had ever realized what music was all about.

The missing casket

A black box. Actually it was a big room. Floor,ceiling,walls, all black. Tables with candles on them and people somehow well dressed. In the bright spotlight on the opposite side of the room there was a piano. A grand piano and a few chairs. Actually REAL people performed in this strange set up. Very distinguished – of course. A few speeches were given in honor of somebody obviously important. Saying good bye to him.
No tears  though and no flowers either. And – not to forget – no casket either. Which brings us to the conclusion,that this was not a funeral service at all.

The “old” University had just thrown a retirement party for one of her special – call it mighty – people , celebrating itself one more time.

The “old ” University. Gone. For ever. Hopefully.

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