PHOTO.PIANO 16.11. 2019, Mauthausen Schloss Pragstein ------------------------------ Anna Wagner Schubert - who? Debussy Satie OST ⟷ WEST 12.11.2019, 19 Uhr Elena Vasilieva, Anna Wagner...Read More

LIFE Class 2018, Macomb

        Claude Monet: Impression -----------------   From "light and color" to a clean and textured style. Music from Debussy, Faure and  Satie...Read More


[gallery link="file" ids="7383,7385,7393,7392,7386,7387,7388,7390,7403,7391,7404,7402,7401,7400,7398,7389,7397,7394,7395,7399,7396"] Two women, worth mentioning:  Graefin Marion Doenhoff Louise Bourgeois


  CONCERT Piano: Ruth Schonthal (1924 - 2006): Self Portrait of the Artist as an older woman. George Gershwin (1898 - 1937): 3 Preludes Organ:...Read More

L.I.F.E Class 2017

VIENNA:MUSICAL CROSSROADS East/West, North/South L.I.F.E Class Marietta Dean/Anna Wagner February 2017 In two class sessions, we will listen to music from the famously musical city of...Read More

June 18, Quo Vadis

Franz Schubert, a name familiar to most people. Music, beautiful touching music in so many ways. Schubert without Vienna - a no go. Definitely. Playing...Read More